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If you are considering an oil to gas conversion, there is no time like the present.


If an oil to gas conversion sounds like something you are interested in, read on. Initiatives such as Mass Save  are providing information on energy efficiency, with a free in home assessment. Gas Networks  can give you information on rebate programs. You can even read about the HEAT Loan Program, which provides the opportunity to apply for a 0% loan to assist with the installation of qualified energy efficient improvements.

We can help you sort through the rebates and incentives – that’s our job. From choosing the best system for your home to completing the rebate applications, you will have support the whole way. And when it is time to fire up your new boiler, we’ll be right there to help.

This before and after is a conversion of an oil fired heating system to a gas fired boiler/water heater combination unit. We took a 275 gallon oil tank (that’s standard), a storage tank water heater, and a boiler and converted it to a high efficiency gas system that hangs on a wall (yes, we build that wall). This is a gas fired heating system AND an on demand water heater. Money savings are fantastic!

The oil tank, storage tank water heater, and boiler. We have already built the wall behind it to hang the new unit.

The new gas fired combination boiler water heater hanging on the wall.

Side view of new unit.

Master Plumber License # 13713


Whether it has been routine, emergency work, or major renovation projects, Rizzo Plumbing & Heating was there for us!  Their attention to detail and well-thought-out plan provided us with not only a beautiful product, but one that would last a lifetime.
Paul and Janette Galbraith, Newton

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